Siji Raveendran

Siji Raveendran is passionate about helping people make positive changes and achieve their goals. She is a certified NLP trainer, Business Coach, Hypnotherapist, Social & Emotional Intelligent and Motivation Coach. Her achievements are remarkable results through seminars and workshops, as well as one to one intervention. 

Coaching has been a part of her life since 2016. Siji Raveendran dream was always to put together a program to help real people deal with genuine problems. Evidently She assists clients to find their potential by knowing their values, beliefs and potential and henceforth, guide them to select the most suitable solution which is aligned with their life purpose. Such as add value to clients by changing their focus from “being the best” to “doing the best”. Furthermore, train and coach them in a way where learning & integration happens during the training itself. With over 10 years experience in business, sales, management roles in the education industry with organization such as Palette Education, Vismaya Advertising and various international colleges.

Siji Raveenran Trainings & Coaching Section

Our course is different from most because it takes a dual approach to coaching. It looks at how to coach yourself but also covers how it would be appropriate to use those skills to help others.
Based on various coaching and therapy techniques – including NLP (Performance Coaching, Life Coaching, Modeling, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and this course permit consider all the best strategies and solutions and make own conclusions. Important to realize that don’t have to use them all – just choose which fit individually best; that’s why we give you a selection.
The skills are gained  for benefit for yourself or to include  management and leadership skills to get the best out of the team and individuals.
Used correctly, coaching offers highly effective tools for positive change and focused direction particularly in life. It helps additionally  find a way around any challenge, achieve more (including things which could never do) and create a clear focused direction instantly for future.

My Credentials

  • Transformation Mind coach
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming COACH (Global NLP)
  • Life Coach (Global NLP)
  • Emotional Intelligence Coach(Global NLP)
  • Motivation Coach (Global NLP)
  • NLP for Business & Leadership
  • PG DIPLOMA: TEFL, TESCOL specialized for Young Learners teachers training and Special Education (Autism OR ADHD OR LD), Business English Teachers Training and Train the Trainer

My Specialities

  • Corporate Facilitation
  • Behavior Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Custom-designed individual coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Career Advancement | Confusion | Transition | Restart | Performance Enhancement

Siji Raveendran Additional Skills

Above all Siji Raveendran is also passionate about Martial arts, especially Kalaripayattu. Kalari is fast and intense. It synchronizes both the mind and body amazingly. It is about strength, flexibility, emotional well-being, overall fitness and a lot more. Working towards increasing my speed and agility, trying to get the postures correct, meeting, practicing and learning with other students from different walks of life is altogether a very fulfilling routine. With every passing day, practice a little more, improve a little more and fall in love with it a little more!

Siji Raveendran additional activities