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In a matter of days, the majority of us had our workday completely turned upside down. With a lot of countries going on lockdown and too many people not being allowed to leave the house without an urgent reason, you might find yourself at a loss with your usual routine out the window and wanting to know how to be productive during quarantine.

It can be jarring, but it’s time to reframe and refocus.

I reached out to three very successful entrepreneurs to ask how we all might stay productive under quarantine despite the chaos that is surrounding us. Here are their expert tips.

B N Srinath

Founder & MD,
VVI Group, Veda Vyasa Interics

Interview with B N Srinath

B N Srinath who is father of 2 beautiful girls and a dog also Founder and Managing Director of VVI group Veda Vyasa Interics. Basically he is into corporate interiors and turnkey projects. VVI group offers end-to-end services and solutions to it’s clients from surveying of the project site to designing the layout, construction, execution, maintenance and consulting.
Srinath has about 23+ experience in professional life and has worked with Companies like Timken, ABB, Novell, IFB and Varkey etc..

He says One month is a lot of time to spend stuck at home. Of course, if you’re working from home (either as a professional or a student), the first thing to do is make sure that you’ve done all of your assignments first.

1. Start Planning Now:

First, make it certain that you have a clear understanding of how your business will undergo difficult circumstances.Once your team has a clear picture of what worse is going to happen to your enterprise in the coming days, you would create a plan and start early. Do not wait for the things to go out of your hands. Instead of acting just on the twelfth hour, chalk out your plan right away. I follow up’s with my clients for due payments. I also track my office accounts regularly.

2. Family time:

Right, We know this one might be controversial and probably has a time limit, but what’s more beautiful than coming together as a family? Minus the fighting and constant ‘he said, she said’, of course. But you could dust off the Monopoly or get out the Scrabble, and find you have an amazing time as you re-connect. I also help my wife at kitchen now is the perfect time to broaden my culinary skills by practising some recipes! I have plenty of time to perfect my signature dish

3. Parenting my teens during lock down:

(Handling my Twin Daughters)

  • Ideas with your teenager
  • Talk about something they like: sports, music, celebrities, friends.
  • Cook a favorite meal together.
  • Exercise together to their favorite music.
  • Watching lots of movies together, Listen to them, look at them. Give them your full attention. Have fun!
  • Playing with my pet. “Having our pets around can lower our blood pressure and ease stress,” he said. So, it’s not just mental, its physical too.

4. Be Kind:

The lockdown has affected all of us but has a very big impact on the stray animals and birds, specifically near the markets and near corporate setups.The strays and birds are starving. I feed them as much as possible .

My Advice:

My advice for How Can We Handle Stress and Stay Positive During a Pandemic?
Do something which you enjoy, gardening, learning new skills, planning your business etc
How you’ll pursue your beliefs and goals, and how you’ll respond under pressure. Whether they be big or small, mundane or extraordinary, challenge yourself to make a list of all the things within your control. I bet you’ll surprise yourself with how much will be on that list.


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  1. Its really nice to see how people are using their time into productive use. Reading about Mr. Sreenath gave a lot of positive motivation on how to spend time with our family.

  2. Dear sir,
    Very good advices sir, we will try to adopt these good things.
    Thank you sir

    R S Shashi and Co

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