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In a matter of days, the majority of us had our workday completely turned upside down. With a lot of countries going on lockdown and too many people not being allowed to leave the house without an urgent reason, you might find yourself at a loss with your usual routine out the window and wanting to know how to be productive during quarantine.

It can be jarring, but it’s time to reframe and refocus.

I reached out to three very successful entrepreneurs to ask how we all might stay productive under quarantine despite the chaos that is surrounding us. Here are their expert tips.

Sunil Ahuja

Director, Ahuja Global Corporation (AGC)

Interview with Sunil Ahuja

Sunil Ahuja, Director of Ahuja Global Corporation – AGC, undertakes large scale projects & sets up Plants to manufacture AdBlue. AdBlue is required by Euro-6/ Bharat stage 6 vehicles to control NOx pollution . He says “when I turned 50 yrs, I heard a lot of my associates talk about retirement. They were avoiding risky ventures & saving for their old age.
I thought it will be better to start a bigger venture, rather than living a laid back life.So I started Ahuja Global Corporation to help fight pollution caused by vehicular emissions “.

He says, “Now is the time to work on your ROI — return on impact to increase your productivity.”He recommends to follow during this time to stay productive and keep the momentum going.

As I have a busy schedules, and travelling all over the world for my business trips and I found myself with some more time in my hands. You’re working, yes, but now you don’t have to commute, you don’t have to make errant stops on the way home, and you’re likely less distracted and can be more productive at home.

There are a few points I felt are required to mention that can be used to maintain our productivity

1. Maintain mental health:

Actually much better for everyone’s mental health to try to keep a routine going, as much as possible.This means eating meals at regular times, sleeping, waking and exercising at set times, and maintaining social (socially distant) contact. Unstructured time can create boredom, spikes in anxiety or depression, which can lead to unhealthy patterns of coping.”
Start an at-home exercise routine.
Many online workout sources are offering free access or longer free trial periods during this time, which might be worth looking into. But again, anything that gets your heart pumping or builds muscle is excellent for both physical and mental health.

2. Maintain community and social connection:

we have to be creative, to maintain both psychological closeness and a sense of community. Texting and social media are ok, but picking up the phone and talking or videoconferencing, or having a safe-distance conversation on the street, is probably much better.

3. Being of service:

This is one of the best things we can do for society—and on a more selfish note, for ourselves. Studies have repeatedly found that serving up others, even via small acts of kindness, has strong and immediate mental health benefits.

Serve your community first! They are feeling the pinch of this situation too and need your leadership. Things you can do to showcase empathy and care will help relieve pressure from them in a responsible way. Ahuja Global Corporation is distributing many food boxes in nearby areas to poor people. We are giving 15 kg mix items Groceries per family. Ahuja Global Corporation is connected with Ram Krishna Mission Kolkata. We have served and donated through Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, R K mission, Directly to poor people, Helping needy families and friends .

4. Creativity:

When there is less time to interact in person, there is more time reserved to finish the important things you’ve been putting off. Is there a business idea you can implement ? A new system you can implement? A new skill you can master? I started cooking varieties of healthy food including fresh vegetable salad, sandwich, omelette, gardening a bit, Working on new projects, so we don’t have backlogs when things comes in to normal stage. I just finalized a AdBlue plant project for a leading Petroleum company for its Refinery Division in Mathura. I am doing business with Italy & other countries over Video Conferencing.

I am a wanderlust I love traveling, hiking, trekking, photography, cooking etc. However now I am at home obeying all the guidelines to help combat the stress of the coronavirus pandemic, and with good reason: One of the main weapons we have to fight the virus is social distancing—a deeply unnatural practice for humans, but an essential one. I request every one that Don’t be a super-spreader. Stay home. Stay alive.


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