Aware of your thoughts and choose action / Thoughts and actions

The way you feel about yourself, your positive or negative beliefs, self esteem drive your thoughts, These thoughts transform in to action. If you think that i am not good enough, smart enough, rich enough , you will be creating the action plan based on your thoughts, you will limit your beliefs and you will not be able reach or achieve any goals.There is volume after volume written on the skill and abilities of our mind to pick up on body language. Much of human communication is done without ever speaking or reading a single word. The mind is trained from early stages to read physical cues as to how someone is feeling or how receptive they are to talking with you. The amazing thing is that the mind can do this with your body. It picks up on the standard cues you give it to create the mood you are in currently.

The benefit of knowing this is that it gives you all of the proof you need to understand that you can control your actions far more than you ever thought possible. The way you sit, stand, breathe and view everything will ultimately cue your body to take on an action. The next time you are feeling an extreme emotion of sadness or anger take note of all the physical cues you are giving your body.

Each is unique to an individual, but most people that are depressed or sad will slouch and breathe slow.

Think of the extremes of any situation. How do you carry yourself if you are angry? Do you breathe harder and heavier? How about when you are really happy or excited? Changing the cues you give to your brain can instantly change your mood. This does not mean that you will feel instantly happy about losing a job or getting an eviction notice, but it does mean that you do not have to stay in depressed and dark place.

Your body language, or non-verbal communication, is also a key way that you can pass on a method.

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