How are some NLP techniques for liking a job that i hate.

Find the positive intent from all the negative behavior
NLP for Success, Happiness and Transformation

There are many techniques which helps you to like your job.

First of all identify the positive intent behind the negatives thoughts. Hence you can ask questions yourself. What is stopping you to go for work? What’s the reason you don’t like your job? What all areas in your work leading you to boredom?

Find the answers for your questions.If the answer is Taht you don’t like the office environment due to bad politics, rude boss, manager etc.. just close your eyes and imagine the bad experience in your office. imagine as if it’s happening now, see , feel and hear. Find the submodalities and think about an other happiness moment in your office which made you happy excited. Again find the submodalities and match both the submodalities. You need to change your inner negative picture in to the exciting image which can helps you to be happy and excited to go to work every day. If it’s inner voice mute all the negative voice and change them in to funny character.

  1. Write down gratitude journal. Write all the great things happen in your work. Gradually you will notice your negative thoughts are changing in to positive.
  2. Practice visualization meditation and visualize all the happiness moment that you want to create as reality. Feel and enjoy the moment.

Practice these tips every day and which helps you to like your job .

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