Corporate Coaching

Corporate coaching is not a form of classroom learning unlike many other coaching programs.   Having said that coaching is deeply motivational, and it strives to inspire employees to reach certain goals. We often concentrate on the individual and their happiness, moreover we help them to discover what they can do to help the organization be successful.

This session first develop employees to maximize profits and productivity without being too forceful to any people who may work with them. Second, when done from the top-level, changes the way an organization operates.  Finally Once senior management starts acting differently, the changes from the top work their way down and the organization changes.

Corporate coaching is not impact learning, which is learning by a one time exposure to an event. Impact learning, or regular corporate training, typically only has a 2% retention rate among employees and is considered by many experts to be a waste of resources. We use methodologies of NLP, Life Coaching certification, Emotional Intelligent coaching and Motivation Coaching.

On the other hand skills training usually works best when training small amounts of people. This allows people to speak up and be heard. Many people are embarrassed or scared to talk in front of large groups. Hence we create the environment for motivation and development of there skills. Having a small training group can encourage those people to speak up.


Our offerings

Executive Coaching


In the business world, Satisfactory is frequently inadequate. This hold on to exceptionally accurate for the individuals who make the key business resolution in a company. Coaches assist executives to outstretch unleash the peak level of excellence. However its major part because when an organization is transformed, it must start from the top and work its way down .Mentoring executives augment of an organization from mediocre to excellent. Moreover it can modify an organization's showing by build up executive aptitude. In contrast upgrading executive by enhancing leadership strengths that coincide with business goals.

Team Development


Business Coaches believe that members of a team Essentially know the complication a team is facing, and that they often are the best suited to offer solutions and ideas. nevertheless they find it difficult and a coach attempt to propose these complication to light by encouraging team members to speak up about issues and creating a safe environment where differences can be discussed. Business coaches design and administer surveys to analyze team data for strengths and weaknesses to identify where developments need to happen. Corporate coaches provide insight and skills to help people communicate and interact effectively. They can teach managers how to be effective leaders, and how to tweak their actions to get optimal performance. A corporate coach will teach leadership, corporate culture, communication and working relationship management.

Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring in Organizations

We use the techniques of NLP , life Coaching, Emotional Intelligence & motivation coaching.
  • Have desired positive behavioral change.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Help them to resolve any conflicts between their employees.
  • Technical people will have improved management skills.
  • Open the horizon of possibilities by bringing awareness and enabling actions.
  • Setting achievable and worthwhile goals
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Gaining confidence in public speaking
  • Developing assertiveness
  • Improving communication and leadership skills
  • Overcoming fear of criticism, low self-esteem
  • Managing difficult employees or superiors
  • Strengthening self-confidence
  • Managing stress and change in the economy
  • Proactively increasing personal worth – bringing out your healthy-self
  • Managing promotion – change in responsibilities
  • Proactively making career transitions Business start-ups, vision, mission and strategy development