Happiness Retreat


Would you believe us that we can take you on an experiential trip away from the city’s madness and the sun’s hotness. Don’t believe us,come and join us. How does a camping weekend in a place overlooking Forest, River, waterfall & green hills sound ?

Retreats offer the benefits of physical, emotional and psychological withdrawal from the stresses and strains of everyday life: a chance to escape from the toxic effects of noise, information overload, unrealistic demands and the frantic busy-ness of 21st century living; to enjoy a safe heaven in which you start to heal on all levels.

On retreat, life is simple. Every aspect of each day allows you to relax in a quiet environment in beautiful surroundings, often with walks and different form of meditation/quiet contemplation enabling you to go into a deeper, often ignored, part of yourself. They provide space in which you regain a sense of self, of calm, of sanity. 

Experience the Happiness Retreat with pleasant climate and natural settings. Our goal is to bring to you genuine and authentic Complete Rejuvenation & Detox (mind and body). Nature cure is a drug-less way of healing, reviving and rejuvenating. It is the best way to stay in shape, fit and disease free. Nature can heal all diseases.

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.”

~ Buddha.

About Programs


Yoga is a practical aid, not a religion. Yoga is an ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development for the body, mind and spirit.


Hydrotherapy, or water therapy, is the use of water (hot, cold, steam, or ice) to relieve discomfort and promote physical well-being.


The therapeutic use of mud in packs or baths taking advantage of the absorbing qualities of the mud. It is used very effectively in a wide range of diseases.We also recommend take a bath in River after the therapy.near the river beds where the soil is very fertile. Mud baths have existed for thousands of years, and can be found now in high-end spas in many countries of the world.


Benefits of banana leaf therapy:-
It detoxifies the body and is one of the most effective therapies for weight loss. The paste made of banana leaves can treat minor skin wounds. Leaves soaked in the water helps in relieving from a sunburn. It helps in kidney related issues and body pain management.
Banana leaf therapy is an ancient Indian technique of Nadipathy. The banana leaf treatment helps greatly in detoxifying the body. This therapy flushes the toxins from the body. The green color of banana leaves has great healing properties which deters the harmful rays and toxins from entering the body and allows the energy to flow into various parts into the body. This life energy helps in rejuvenating the tissues, muscles and organs of the body and helps in curing the ailments.

Movement Therapy & NLP Retreat

NLP gives you the ability to delve consciously into the often-entangled patterns and processes of the monkey mind, so you can understand yourself (and each other) better. It gives you a magnifying glass through which to decipher neurological processing by focusing on different linguistic patterns and what further information they give about your emotional and physical behaviours. On a more spiritual level, NLP offers methods to meet your true desires and even connect with your life purpose and your deeper sources of motivation. Yes, it can absolutely give you the keys to creating happiness, success and wealth too! Dance or movement therapy is a psychotherapeutic tool used to help you connect with your body and in the process, work on your relationships, belief systems, rigidities, inhibitions or any other issues you are struggling with. Movement therapy helps you to see yourself in a disassociated state which makes it easier to see your issues and deal with it in a detached way.

Programs details

Early day on the trek and proceed for a 2 hours Yoga & Meditation on top of Mountain & Nature. After the class enjoy a cup of Herbal tea on the terrace with the view of the waterfall coming down from the mountains and sloping gently into the vast Indo-Gangetic plains.

After spending some quality time with yourself in silence enjoy home grown & home cooked organic meal with lots of love & pure energy.

Then choose any therapy including mud therapy, banana leaf therapy or just oil message along with Forest Bathing retreats... Let Nature be the Therapist. For an ultimate forest bathing experience, recharging your batteries, finding your peace, center and true connections, getting grounded and giving your immune system and physical, mental and spiritual health a tremendous boost.

Our Nature Therapy retreats will give you the opportunity to connect with nature at a deeper level and learn processes to apply to your daily life to enhance your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health by engaging in Nature Based Therapy activities.

The program allows you to nourish this connection through facilitation of activities including; forest bathing, creative arts, journaling, sharing circles and innovative wellness including nutrition, mud therapy, banana leaf therapy, trekking, holistic health and self-care.

About Mentor

Siji Raveendran

Certified NLP Master Trainer, Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Motivational Coach, Hypnotherapist